miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2009

#26 Burdett Road.... again?

Well, today (yesterday?) I stuffed myself again, because Im a food slut.

I had a shitload of coffee (which explains why Im posting at 4:00 am) and a slice of cheesecake.
(SO FUCKING ORGASMIC) and 6 cookies.
Im the cookie monster.
And... Diet coke.
Im so fucking silly.

Im considering, once again, finding a Burdett Road off in the City.
Da Pueblo is so fucking boring.
I mean, Crap gang is here, ex boyfriend is here, but, hell, I need some smog.
Plus, I can stalk people in the City.
Im a stalker by nature.

I don't know... sometimes I think about getting back with ex boyfriend.
He's such a good fuck guy, and he loves me to death, and well, I love him too, in a non-monogamous way, but I do.

Why, Im a whore, and I so not deserve him.


Te adoro tronco.

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  1. Whoa, I was going to write "hatehandles", but refrained because I was unsure what you would think of me hah.

    I hate cheesecake, but it sounds delicious to me?