martes, 4 de agosto de 2009

#17 Kat Vs. The Pizza of Hell 2

Alternate title: Kat and the Conspiracy of Scales

I weighted myself again, fully clothed, on the cheap little lying bastard, and she read 104.7.
Then, I went to crapland, there I weighted again, on a scale in the GNC, and OMFG!!!
Fully clothed it read 104.05!!!!!
Its probably a conspiracy of scales.
So, I went to another scale, in the drugstore, and the same.

I guess... the cheap little lying bastard wasnt lying.

So, I guess, I wasn't 110.
I mean, I was, but, maybe most of it was shit and water weight.

So I went to Crapland, and I saw Ex Fuck Buddy there.

(Have you ever heard "I put a spell on you"? You probably had.
"And I don't care if you don't want me, because Im yours"
Well, everytime I talk about EFB, imagine that song as a

Ok, so, I went with Ex Fuck Buddy, his best friend, and his best friend's girl, off for Pizza.
A battle between THE will and pepperoni.
Pizza looked so sexy, HOT, staring right at me...
But... Im fucking stronger than cheese and pepperoni.

SO, THE will won.

Fuck you pizza from hell!

Ex Fuck Buddy said he'll give me a collar.
I don't know if he was just teasing me, but I really love the idea.

5 comentarios:

  1. Wow! Well done on the weight loss and avoiding the pizza :) that's amazing will power. Usually if I see the food, I'm gone... haha

  2. OMG
    wow, what a relief huh? you never weighed 110! you musta be high as balls and was dyslexic and read 101 as 110 or something. LOL.

    wow, i just had a slice actually. one. and i said no to the rest. pizza is my weakness.

    and p.s. i LOVE that song "i put a spell on you" cover by marylin manson. ya ya. :)

  3. You are victorious!
    Pizza has got to be the serious downfall of like, everyone I've ever known ever, but look at you! You're so much stronger than that, and you will rake in the benefits. : )

  4. pensé que eran puros gringos aqui.
    gracias por el comentario .. no me gusta leer blogs largos, me aburren. y es exactamente por eso que hago el mio sencillo y conciso.

    que onda con el morro? un mugre 'collar' .. que trata de decir?

    i loved "Pizza looked so sexy, HOT.." nice description :)

  5. Yay for winning the battle against the evils of pizza! ; D You really are strong though, pizza is the one thing that I can't resist no matter what. I just have no will around it....kind of sad actually....
    Scales do lie. I think there is some kind of scale conspiracy....that's why I started measuring myself. Then I yell at my scale when I lose inches....right now I'm glaring at it actually....
    Anyways....great job on the loss and stay strong <3