domingo, 16 de agosto de 2009

#23 Fuuuuuuuuuuuck

They hid the measuring tape.
But when it comes to my own fatness I've got a good memory.

So I look like this now:

Current weight : 110 lbs.

Chest: 31
Waist: 26
Muffin: 33 (fuck me, my "lovehandles" are larger than my boobs)
Ass: 35.5

I wear 3- 5 jeans.

So, my first goal is

100 lbs

Waist: 25 or less
Muffin: 32 or less.

If I do, I'll get myself a hooters sweat shirt.
(If I do, I'll get myself a hooters girl )

3 comentarios:

  1. I love how you measure your muffin, I should totally start doing that instead of.. "seeing" a difference. Gd luck on your goal!

  2. haha! You should get yourself that hooters girl! ; )
    Did they really hide the measuring tape? : / You should go buy your own...that's really weird that they'd hide it....
    I'm sure you'll get rid of those love handles <3 Just think how amazing you'll look in your hooters sweet shirt and size 0 jeans : D

  3. lolll muffin. i actually like laughed out loud and my boss was like whats so funny? in all genuine curiosity, and im like oh someone just said something funny. and hes like who? is there someone out there? and im like no. and hes like uh alright. //awkward. then we went about our own business. i dont have to elaborate on anything goddammit. you are already close to your goal, so can you get like half your prize, maybe some hooter girls boobs? =)