jueves, 6 de agosto de 2009

#20 Scheisse.

Alternate title: Kat Wars Episode V
The Family strikes back.

Remember Im always bragging about the wonders of living alone, and all the "that's why I haven't got a family" ?
You probably don't because I only do it in real life.

But, Karma IS a bitch, sometimes (like this) even bitchier than me.
So all this time I've spent denying family and bragging about being alone turns to shit.
Because everytime I see family (aka E as father, et la mère) they always want to fucking eat.

Usually I see E once or twice a month, and its always fucking food.
I find it sweet of him trying to build the relationship we never had, but I think honestly, neither of us really wants it.
We can't stand each other for more than 2 hours, so I guess that's why its always food, we stuff our mouths so we have a good excuse to remain silent.
BUT WHY FUCKING FOOD?? Movies perhaps?//Spoiler, 13 yrs old anorexic daughter//
Fuck I know the answer.

So after a month of successfully avoiding him, tomorrow I'll be having breakfast with him.
Après, after almost a month of la mère neglecting me, she's coming to town, and guess what!!! We're eating together.
So screw my fast.
(Because, today I made up for yesterday's binge, and managed to stay on 99.2 acording to cheap little lying bastard)


No, he's not.

La mère's boyfriend will be out of town for a week, so we'll be spending some mother&daughter
bonding chez la mère in the city= EATING EVERY FUCKING DAY.


2 comentarios:

  1. man, karma really hates you.
    fo sho.

    i like how you named your scale cheap little lying bastard. thats fucking awesome :) at least you are at 99.2. you threw a lot of french words in there, and you're mexican? or just live in mexico? or are you french mexican? or what are you? :) I WANNA KNOW XD

    and you no likey my dance/rave/slut thinspo? :( and no actually, the big titty blonde girl wasnt for dot.. just a random one.. i think i liked her legs or something. :D

  2. ahhhh what?! she isnt that bad. i mean, i can see her cellulite. but we ALL have some. :(

    well, your english is really good. and yeah, find a new burdett road, already FUCK. quit being a lazy asshole. LOL. and that is too funny about your random french.

    ohhh.. stories! i like stories. especially naughty ones baahahahaha.

    and okay. i will admit it. i did love her big fake titties. id motorboat 'em. *pbbbrrrrrrrr*
    that was my motorboat noise.