martes, 25 de agosto de 2009

#25 ? Update

Oh well.
Im on a plateau.
Which, is great, coz I've been eating a lot lately.
I should be heavier.

So, weight, still the same.

On Thursday, Im going to uni to stalk this boy I saw twice.
Long black hair, green eyes, Metallica T shirt.
And he talked to me *o*
Well he said hello the second time I saw him but I was walking with ex fuck buddy, so I couldn't do much.

You know you love your ex fuck buddy when:

1- He was an average fuck and you still fucked him until he dumped you.
2- Hot guy on the bus tells you to sit next to him but you don't because efb is there.
3- You don't talk about your other (male) fucks in front of him, despite he does.
4- You don't stalk talk to other boys in front of him.
5- It hurts like hell knowing he tried to hit on ex best friend (when she was best friend)
6- Its been half a year, and I still like him.

1 comentario:

  1. Plateaus seem to enjoy following me around >:[

    I'm wishing your lovehandles away. lovehandles, such a strange word.

    You stalk that boy todas las dias. He sounds gorgeous.