martes, 4 de agosto de 2009

#16 CopyKat,

Well, Im gonna make my "fasting diary" too.
I read it chez poker face, and I thought it was an awsome idea.

3 years ago I started this log, and my target was, well , Day 1096.
I set day 1096 as the day I would be free.
Random freedom.
My first thought about it was "omg 3 years is a fucking lot"
And, the first month seemed eternal to me.
After I reached the 3 digits, days just passed by quickly.
I didn't realize when the first year passed by.

And well, Im boring you with this because, that's what I'll do.
Im taking it easy with the fasting.
120 hours of fasting.
Starting @ 12:00 pm 04/08/09

And, the only thing Im allowed to put in my mouth is diet drinks, coffee, tea, and water.
So be it.

Today I stepped on the scale and it read 101.
I mean, it's not that I don't like reading Im 101, but, Im self conscious, and I know you can't lose 9 pounds in a day, so that shit must be broken.
So I won't eat or drink anything till I get weighted somewhere else.
I better be going, coz' Im quite thirsty.

*UPDATE* 10:00 pm 04/08/09

K' 110 hours to gooooo I wanna be sedated (8)

*UPDATE* 12:00 pm 05/08/09

Ohhhhh 96 hours to gooooo I wanna be sedated (8)
Today Cheap Little Lying Bastard read (undressed) 99.2 lbs.
Am I dehydrating or what?

I want a diet coke.
I'll go to the store, and have another battle against the cookie stand.
I don't know if I will make it.
So I'll wear the "red dress" jeans, to remind me how fucking fat I am, and why am I not allowed to eat cookies, or food at all.

*Update* 12:30 pm

Mission Acomplished!
Diet coke + ciggies + matches
And the "red dress" jeans make me feel so fat I don't even wanna drink the diet coke .--.

2 comentarios:

  1. tahahahaaaa
    that is too funny. or maybe you can lose nine pounds in a day? that would be awesome. cheap little lying bastard! i wish my scale would lie to me and just tell me im 119 already. UGH

    so fat. SO SO FAT.
    good luck with your fasting! i like how you go by hours rather than days, it doesn't sound as daunting.

  2. just think positive about this fast! like "120 hours? thats it? that's almost too easy!" you so can do it. sleep to pass the time! sorry that you weren't 101, you will be soon though :)