jueves, 9 de julio de 2009



I've been blogging since, a lot of time, but in my language, and well I decided to go international.
Also, this is quite different to what Im used to write.
I mean, I intend this to be strictly about my relationship with food.
Also, you'll (whoever ends up reading me) have to excuse my lousy english, I'll do my best, but I haven't practiced my english since I was 13, so, you'll have to excuse my grammar/spelling mistakes.


Hello, my name is Kat and Im what I like to call PAFFW (Post Anorexic Frustrated Fat Woman).
A long time ago, I had anorexia, and well, now I just live with the sequels of an unfinished rehab.
My life since then is binge, starve, binge, occasionally purge, starve.
Im not Ana anymore, but I still want to be fucking thin.

[They took away my bones, but not my will of power]

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