sábado, 18 de julio de 2009

#8 Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.


And changed my mind, IM NOT DRINKING.

Now Im officially poor, I must save every fucking dollar (assuming I use dollars, which I dont) I have.
I can't afford being skinny, and neither the jack daniels.
But, maybe now that I'll be poor, I can really get into the fasting stuff, and as I'll be working my ass off to get somewhere (besides the bridge) to live with the cat ;P, and buying the cat's food, and kitty litter, so I won't have any money for food.

I hate myself for being so stupid.

Lost another pound, back to the 99's

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  1. Things will turn around.
    Lol yeah i know what you mean, when youre too broke to eat, youre bound to be skinny.

    Awesome job girl.
    I bet that felt good. :D

  2. Im glad you read it though.
    Its scary what that stuff does to you. :(
    My friends mom was just diagnosed with ms and its because she slammed a couple 24oz diet mt dews a day. :( its sad.

    i used to be a diet coke FREAK. i loved it, thats all i drank. but i am too scared of it now. it just doesnt taste good anymore..

    but thanks for liking my blog too! :D

  3. LOL yeah, i know right?!

    usually when im hungry, i have a sugar free pepperming and some water because i hate it when you try to eat something after a mint because then it tastes gross. i used to be a drug addict so i never ate, but now im trying to reverse anything i damaged by fasting and putting pure things in my body.

    but to each his own! :)

  4. Yeah, august 3rd will be my one year clean.
    From all drugs except alcohol.
    Even though technically it is a drug, but whatever.

    And yeah its how my eating disorder started.. because I was a meth addict. And I never ate and for some reason I started to like my hip bones sticking out and feeling light and size 3 jeans. And I did that since I was 14.. Five years. And one year clean finally.

    I smoke cigarettes, but I don't know if I can quit that. So like you said, about as healthy as I wanna be. Lol.

  5. Yeah, I'm not a big drinker either
    but my drink of choice is also beer or whiskey.

    We're so alike. LOL

    Stimulants are the best.