viernes, 17 de julio de 2009

#6 Oh, I can't thank you enough

For not eating.
Yesterday I fasted, and today Im 101 lbs.
Which, is still awful, but, maybe tomorrow I'll wake up in 99.
: D
Which reminds me, tomorrow I'll get myself a bottle of Jack Daniels, and drink, and get drunk, and, fuck Das Kind, and then puke a lot (because that's what I do when Im drunk) and then fall asleep, all in name of becoming Miss Puma, or not.

I hope I get drunk fast, because whiskey has like a million calories per glass.
So screw you 99 lbs of saturday morning, Im sure by Sunday I'll weight 4 more pounds.
But it's like so totally worth it.

I can always starve the next day.

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