miércoles, 22 de julio de 2009

#11 So, here we go.

Have you ever heard "Mile End" by Pulp?
From the Trainspotting soundtrack (which happens to be one of my favorite movies).

" We didn't have nowhere to live,
we didn't have nowhere to go
til someone said
"I know this place off Burdett Road."
It was on the fifteenth floor,
it had a board across the door.
It took an hour
to prise it off and get inside.
It smelt as if someone had died;
the living room was full of flies,
the kitchen sink was blocked,
the bathroom sink not there at all."

I dunno, I have the feeling that soon, that'll be my song xD.

I kinda sold my soul to the devil (aka, my mom) and she'll lend me some money for the rent.
Tomorrow I'll go flat-searching with my best friend, and her friend.
I hope that with my money, and her money, and his money, and my mother's money, we'll find somewhere decent.

THE EX, told me his mother's flat was available, so maybe I'll ask her.
It would be strange tho, to live in THE ex's house, a bit painful.
But Im kind of masochist, so I'll talk to his mother.

I've been bingeing a lot these days.
I gained 4 pounds. x__x
Im disgusting.

Tomorrow I'll be going to the city so I won't be eating at all.
I'll be back on Sunday, or Monday, to see if the cat is still alive.
Hopefully I'll be down to 98 by then.

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  1. Oh you poor darling. Stuck between a rock and a hard place. Maybe you'll find a super awesome flat somewhere that wont smell like dead bodies or wont be missing a bathroom sink :/

    But thanks for the comment!! :D I really liked that quote too. It makes me feel like any excuse I have is pathetic so I should just do it. Lol. And yes! I'm excited to quit smoking. And you could run for an hour straight!? WOW. I want to do that.