lunes, 20 de julio de 2009

#10 Binge binge binge my darling.

As I said before, Im a food slut.
And I deserve a pathetic death such as choking on a cookie or something.
Im moving in a couple of weeks and Im really excited about it.

3 comentarios:

  1. okay cookie monster! LOL

    and don't feel bad, miss food slut.
    im a caffeine junkie and a sugar whore.

  2. Hey, look at me, I'm a food, caffeine and sugar slut :D oh ....

    I'm happy that your feeling happy because of the moving :D

    And wohaa, 3 tattoos? I soooo envy you! I sooo do want to get tattooed or pierced, but I'm not sure where lol. And besides, my parents won't approve haha... But as soon as I'm moving out I wil definitely consider that :D

  3. Oh forgot:
    Thanks for the tip :D But it's pretty difficult to get hold of pot over here ;)